Emergency Response Driver Training


Emergency Response Driver Training is a high speed driver training that is primarily focused on the competencies of a driver to use his or her discretion as to when and where to exceed the speed limit on a road or for a vehicle, wisely, and the skill to do so as safely as is possible given need and circumstances. It is therefore necessary to provide a complete system which will ensure any training establishment, instructors, training and assessment meets both a level of quality and most importantly drivers who meet the competencies required. To this end there is a suite of codes setting out the basic and minimum levels necessary to meet a high speed driver competency, accepting that organisations providing emergency response will need to provide more training to meet there duty of care for staff and the public and Health &Safety responsibilities. These standards and competencies are therefore a minimum and not expected to make up the entire competency required.

Guided Learning Hours

40 hours (5 days)


  • 18+
  • Driving license

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate advanced driving skills 
  2. Prepare and drive vehicles at high speed 
  3. Drive vehicles at high speed on motorways & multi-lane Carriageways 
  4. Undertake an emergency response 
  5. Avoid skids when driving an emergency service vehicle